(2005) JELR 50999 (CA)    

Court of Appeal  ·  CA/A/33/99 ·  17 Mar 2005 ·  Nigeria
Core Terms Beta
learned trial judge
exhibit p2
evidence act
arabic language
public document
attah of igala
exhibit d2
language of the court
lower court
trial court
english language
evidential value
issue no.
learned counsel
admissibility of exhibit d2
statement of claim
common knowledge
egume central mosque
imam of egume central mosque
muhammad jca
opposing party
supreme court
totality of the evidence
briefs of argument
court of appeal rules
document a
exhibit d2 ought
following reasons
f. see
high court of justice of kogi state
language of such courts
language of the courts
lead judgment
notice of appeal
official language of the superior courts of record
order of court
order of injection
order of perpetual injection
plaintiff claims
position of imam of central mosque
respective parties
satisfaction of same conditions
second issue
wrong procedure

MUHAMMAD JCA (Delivering the Lead Judgment): The appellant herein as plaintiff at the High Court of Justice of Kogi State holden at Ayangba (the lower court) took out a writ of summons against the respondent as defendant. The claims endorsed in the writ which were affirmed in paragraph 14 of the statement of claim read as follows - WHEREOF the plaintiff claims against the defendant:

A declaration that Ali Achimi the plaintiff in this matter is the valid, legitimate, recognized and for all purposes, the only person entitled to the office of Imamship at Egume Central Mosque which offices he now occupy (sic) to the satisfaction and enjoyment of all dominant Muslims within and outside the Egume Muslim Community.

A declaration that the ascension to the office of Imamship by the plaintiff is in accordance with settle

(sic) customs, convention, tradition and relevant rules governing the appointment and selection of a person to the vacant stool of Imamship of Egume Central Mosque/ Jumat Mosque…

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