(2017) JELR 107519 (HC)    
High Court  ·  SUIT NO. BMISC 4/2016 ·  16 Jun 2017 ·  Ghana
Core Terms Beta
mother union
plaintiff’s employment
training programme
witness statement
collective bargaining agreement
cross examination
exhibit b
exhibit e
alleged misconduct
bond condition
court finds
employment contract
local union
civil matters
defendant’s letter
defendant’s representative
exhibit c
mind of the tribunal of fact
obligation of a party
purposes of this decree
sufficient evidence
termination of his employment
alleged refusal of plaintiff
attached list
burden of proof
c. defendant representative
civil case
civil cases
digital platform
employee of defendant
entertainment television programmes
following issues
laws of ghana
limited liability company
list of names
migration of the company
migration of the defendant
plaintiff’s claim
said training
supreme court


Plaintiff was until 5th June, 2015, an employee of Defendant, the latter being a  limited liability company registered under the laws of Ghana and engaged in  entertainment television programmes with its head office in Accra. The stated reason in the letter terminating Plaintiff’s employment (exhibit B) is that, Plaintiff  refused to take part in a training programme because of a bond condition.  Plaintiff contended that, he was not one of the persons listed for the said training  consequently the termination of his employment on that ground without further  investigation and opportunity to be heard was unlawful. Wherefore, Plaintiff  claims the following reliefs: 

a. Damages for the humiliation and anguish suffered and loss of work.

b. Payment of all entitlements due to him. 

c. Severance award under Article 36(d) of the Collective Bargaining  Agreement of 2013/2014 for making the plaintiff unjustly redundant.

d. Costs. 

Defendant denied Plaintiff’s claim and contended that, …

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