(2017) JELR 63892 (HC)    
High Court  ·  Suit No. BCRA/176/213 ·  10 Feb 2017 ·  Ghana
Core Terms Beta
trial judge
reasonable doubt
exhibit a
certificate of acceptance
appellate court
interpretation of the facts
national pensions act
appellant’s evidence
cross-examination of the appellant
said rejection of evidence
social security
social security contributions
defence of the appellant
following grounds of appeal
judgment of the district court
prosecution’s computation
reasonable mind
statement of claim
accurate entries of various contributions
act of non-payment of social security contributions
behalf of his employees
computation of figures
court’s rejection
criminal cases
demand letter
exhibit b
exhibits c
expected contributions of the said employees
following words
further hold
gravamen of the appellant
ground of appeal fails
lower court
managing director of gocrest security ltd.
maye kom mehwe onyame association
person accused of a crime
respondent’s version
sign of good faith
social security contributors
specified period
t trial court
written document
written submission

This is an appeal against the Judgment of the District Court convicting the Appellant on two counts of Failing to pay Social Security Contributors contrary to Sections 63(1) (a) and 83(1) (d) of the National Pensions Act of 2008, Act 766 as well as Failing to Pay penalty on Social Security Contributions contrary to Sections 83(1) (d) and 64 (1) of the National Pensions Act.

The Appellant set out the following grounds of appeal:

The judgment could not be supported by the evidence on record.

The trial judge failed to consider and examine fully the defence of the appellant.

According to the Appellant, the trial judge erred in his interpretation of the facts in the case and this resulted in a substantial miscarriage of justice.

He contended further that the trial judge erred in rejecting Appellant’s evidence which was marked Exhibit “R” and that the said rejection of evidence prevented the Appellant from adducing evidence relevant to his defence.

The following additional grounds of appeal were …

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