Heydon's Case

(1684) JELR 80302 (QB)    
Queen's Bench  ·  8 Jan 1684 ·  United Kingdom
Other Citations
1584] EWHC Exch
Core Terms Beta
common law
custom of the manor
chief baron
will of the lord
canons of the said college
custom of the said manor
first day of this present parliament
littleton saith
meaning of the said act
said lease
act of parliament doth
ancient copyholds of the manor of ottery
copy hold estate
copyhold estate of ware
copy of court-roll
court of the said manor
custom of the manor doth warrant
donis conditionalibus
former had continuance
general issue
great doubt
heydon's lease
interpretation of all statutes
judgment of law
making of such lease
nature of a formedon
parcel of the lands
parliament hath
particular estates
prejudice of the lord
prejudice of the tenant
rest of the land
right of the said college
said copyhold estate
sir roger manwood
special custom
such lease
tail of land
term of years
time of the making of such grant
true reason of the remedy
will of the lords
younger children

1. In an information upon an intrusion in the Exchequer[1], against Heydon, for intruding into certain lands, etc. in the county of Devon: upon the general issue, the jurors gave a special verdict to this effect.

2. First, they found that parcel of the lands in the information was ancient copyholds of the manor of Ottery, whereof the warden and canons regular of the late college of Ottery were seised in the right of the said college; and that the warden and canons of the said college, 22 H. 7. at a court of the said manor, granted the same parcel by copy, to Ware the father and Ware the son, for their lives, at the will of the lord, according to the custom of the said manor; and that the rest of the land in the information was occupied by S. and G. at the will of the warden and canons of the said college for the time being, in the time of H. 8. And further that the said S. and G. so possessed, and the said Ware and Ware so seised as aforesaid, the said warden and canons by their deed i…

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