(1968) JELR 81462 (CA)    
Court of Appeal  ·  11 Oct 1968 ·  Ghana
Other Citations
[1968] GLR 804 - 925
Core Terms Beta
false pretences
solo kleinmotoren
farm machinery supplies
learned judge
accused persons
government of ghana
first prosecution witness
public officer
first accused
first appellant
count of conspiracy
false representations
james quartey alias kwesi kota
ordinary bench
said company
second appellants
solo kleinmotoren gmbh
third appellants
charge of fraud
criminal procedure code
ghana agricultural machinery company ltd.
learned director of public prosecutions
mind of mr. emmerich
minister of food
result of the false representations
trial judge
count of corruption of a public officer
director of public prosecutions
dishonest appropriation
following announcement
following terms
full days
german company
high court
important points of law
judgment of the learned judge
large number of grounds of appeal
letter exhibit a12
name of a fictitious firm
offence of corruption of a public officer
offences of fraud
permanent secretary of the ministry of food
said francis yao asare
said section
said sums
samples of other items
subject-matter of the charge
third count
volume of the ghana law reports

Ollennu J.A.. Delivered the judgment of himself and of Azu Crabbe J.A. and Edusei J. The appellants were tried by Akainyah J.S.C. in the High Court, Accra, with the aid of assessors. The indictment contained ten counts; it charged all the appellants with one count of conspiracy to commit the crime of corruption by a public officer; two counts of defrauding by false pretences; and one count of conspiracy to defraud. It charged the second and third appellants with two counts of falsification of accounts. It charged the first and second appellants with one count of conspiracy to defraud and one count of defrauding. It also charged the second appellant alone with one count of falsification of accounts and one count of corruption of a public officer.

The trial began on 23 September 1964, and continued from day to day except for one or two short breaks for a few days, and was concluded on 10 May 1965, in all 112 days. The summing-up to the assessors lasted three full days, the notes thereof …

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