(1974) JELR 69817 (HC)    
High Court  ·  28 Jun 1974 ·  Ghana
Other Citations
[1974] 2 GLR 263
Core Terms Beta
defendant’s business
income tax department
business of the defendant
terms of the oral agreement
total amount
balance sheet
chief clerk
employment of the said medz-moroukian
letter of dismissal
present case
business interests
cause of the shortages
clear goods
considerable number of years
course of time
court action
defendant’s excuse
different dates
different occasions
doubtful terms of the oral agreements
false returns of his business
full control of the defendant
huge yearly turnover of the defendant
income tax case
leave salary
monthly salary
mr. gobindram chatlani
payment of tax
plaintiff’s dismissal
previous occasions
retail store
said accountants
said leave
said penalties
service agreements
status of a manager
stock-taking of the goods
terms of his employment
total loss
unauthorized credits
view of the considerable amount of shortages
written contract
written service agreement
wrongful dismissal

ABBAN J.: The plaintiff herein is claiming the following reliefs:

“(1) ¢1,200.00 being damages for wrongful dismissal;

(2) ¢1,733.32 being leave salary due and owing by the defendant to the plaintiff; and (3) ¢2,320.00 being gratuity due and owing by the defendant to the plaintiff.”

All the parties are foreigners who have been living in this country for a considerable number of years. The defendant has been a general merchant, trading in all sorts of merchandise. He had a retail store in Accra and in 1959, he employed the plaintiff as a store-keeper in that store. In the course of time, the defendant promoted the plaintiff to the status of a manager, and by May 1962, the plaintiff was in full control of the defendant’s business in Ghana on a monthly salary of ¢200.00.

The defendant had other business interests in England and he was therefore partly living in Manchester. The plaintiff said he worked for nearly ten years without going on leave, even though by the terms of his employment he …

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