Ratio DecidendiRatio DecidendiRatio DecidendiRatio DecidendiRatio DecidendiRatio DecidendiRatio Decidendi


(2020) JELR 80392 (NICN)    

National Industrial Court of Nigeria  ·  SUIT NO: NICN/OW/62/2017 ·  6 Feb 2020 ·  Nigeria

Ratio Decidendi

Core Terms Beta
1st defendant
2nd defendant
recovery suspension
statement of facts
1st defendant’s statement
financial institution
dismissal of the claimant
cross examination
bank’s policies
issue number
statement of defence
unlawful cessation of employment
cessation of the claimant
claimant’s counsel
claimant’s resignation
favour of the claimant
first issue
claimant’s right
employee of the 1st defendant bank
gross misconduct
plateau state v
services of the claimant
wrongful dismissal
1st defendant counsel
1st defendant’s final address
breach of her contract of employment
burden of prove
claimant’s case
court finds
direct references
dismissed staff
further questions
gov imo state
i. exhibit c1
learned mr. amuzie
litany of other offenses
mbaise branch of the bank
necessary pleadings
personnel management committee of the bank
recovery of all such loans
relationship officer
said branch of the 1st defendant
said committee
said objection
service of the bank
such admission

I.S GALADIMA, J.: This Claimant was purportedly an employee of the 1st Defendant bank who was last posted to the Mbaise Branch of the bank. She was employed on 3/6/2010 and was duly confirmed by letter on 2/6/2011. She accordingly performed well as an employee and was eventually tasked with handling over 8,000 accounts whilst working as the only Accounting or Relationship Officer at the said Branch of the 1st Defendant’s bank. Unfortunately, due to bad performance on repayments of some of the loans she had accordingly approved to some customers, the 1st Defendant placed her on “recovery suspension” without salary pending her recovery of all such loans. She allegedly made efforts to ensure the repayments of all outstanding loans yet the 1st Defendant went ahead to dismiss her from her employment “unlawfully and maliciously”. The 1st Defendant admitted dismissing her from the service of the Bank stating that it was necessary so to do in view of the infractions she was found to have alle…

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