(1966) JELR 69846 (HC)    
High Court  ·  15 Feb 1966 ·  Ghana
Other Citations
[1966] GLR 177
Core Terms Beta
said house
ahanta road
execution of exhibit
john cole
deed of gift
house no. 27a
financial help
first witness
a. yes
brief history of the house
corroborative evidence of the plaintiff
date of the assignment
declaration of title of the said house
deed of assignment
defendant’s main defence
deletion of the whole of paragraph
due consideration
early months
execution of the documents
gold coast
importunate demands
labour costs
leasehold interests
leave of the court
owner of house no. 27a
own use
personal income tax receipts
plaintiff’s case
plaintiff’s request
possession of the house
possession of the said property
preparation of exhibit
question of other financial aid
resulting trust
said property
said statement of claim
special purpose
specific functions
support of these contentions
transfer of the property
uncle of the defendant
united kingdom

KORANTENG-ADDOW J.: The plaintiff in this action is the uncle of the defendant and hails from Sierra Leone. According to his evidence the plaintiff came to Ghana (then the Gold Coast) many years ago, worked in the Railways Department of the then civil service and is now a pensioner. He brought the defendant to Ghana when he was about fourteen years of age and found employment for him in the same department in which he was himself employed. The defendant did well for himself, was sent to the United Kingdom on a government scholarship and on his return was given a high post in the department. He is now also retired and a pensioner. He retired in April 1960 drawing an annual salary of £G1,090.

When the plaintiff retired from the civil service he engaged himself in the then flourishing timber trade and from all accounts he succeeded in that trade. In answers to questions in cross-examination the defendant said that the plaintiff had as many as seven houses and that he had never been a poor…

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