(1961) JELR 65308 (HC)    
High Court  ·  22 Jun 1961 ·  Ghana
Other Citations
[1961] GLR 354
Core Terms Beta
sakumo wulomo
korle lagoon
sakumo river
kpakpo brown
manche of james town
statement of claim
traditional evidence
asere stools
james town stool
sakumo lagoon
t.r. quartey
ownership of the land
parcel of land
case of kojo ababio iv
grantor of the concession
james town stool subjects
owner of the land
sakumo lands
subject-matter of the concession
accra district
accra quarrying acquisition case
acting james town mantse
allata quarter of engrishi
behalf of a partnership firm
behalf of the ga manche
caretaker of the said land
case of kojo ababio iv v
case of manche d.p. hammond v
exhibit z.
following averments
following terms
grants of land
great sakumo fetish of the ga people
james town alata manche
james town villages of tetteh-ogbu
j. a. mills’ land
manche of asere djorshie
much evidence
nii kojo ashamanfro ii
notice of the concession
portion of the said land
principal ussher town stools of the ga
property of the sakumo wulomo
question of ownership
reason of the judgment
said lease
sakumo area of land
title of the stool
ussher town chiefs

ADUMUA-BOSSMAN, J.: In this matter, notice of the concession was filed on the 30th July, 1959, by E. Akufo-Addo, Esq., counsel for and on behalf of a partnership firm engaged in the business of the manufacture and/or preparation of salt in Ghana, having the name and style Elmina Salt Company of Elmina - Ghana (which will be referred to as the claimants throughout this judgment).

The concession is a lease dated the 15th June, 1959, expressed to be made between Nii Kojo Ashamanfro II, Dsasetse and Acting James Town Mantse, as lessor of the one part, and four Greek gentlemen merchants, Messieurs Constantine Alexis Panagiotopulos, Gerassinos Alexis Panagiotopulos, George Alexis Panagiotopulos and Lyrkourgos Alexis Panagiotopulos, all of Elmina in the Central Region of Southern Ghana, together trading in partnership under the firm name of Elmina Salt Company of Elmina - Ghana, as lessees of the other part, whereby a piece or parcel of land situate and being at or to the north of the village…

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