(1936) JELR 80459 (PC)    
Privy Council  ·  Appeal No. 87 of 1935 ·  28 May 1936 ·  United Kingdom
Sir Sidney Rowlatt Sir George Lowndes Sir Lancelot Sanderson Lord Russell Of Killowen Justice Lord Chancellor (Viscount Hailsham)

Sir Lancelot Sanderson(delivering the judgment)

This is an appeal by special leave from an order of the Supreme Court of Fiji, made on 27th November 1934, by the Chief Justice of the said Court, whereby it was ordered that the appellant, George Frier Grahame should be suspended from practice as a barrister and solicitor of the said Court until 1st July 1936, such suspension to take effect from 8th December 1934, and that the appellant should pay the costs of the application and the costs of the Public Trustee incidental thereto. Prior to the date of the said order the appellant had practised as a barrister and solicitor in Fiji for seventeen years, and according to the judgment of the Chief Justice he had been held in respect by his fellow citizens and he had occupied the highest place among them. On 31st October 1934, an application was made by the Attorney-General at the relation of the trustees of the estate of the late Harry Granville Nicholas Carr (hereinafter called the Carr trus…

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