Ratio DecidendiRatio DecidendiRatio Decidendi


(2002) JELR 63482 (CA)    
Court of Appeal  ·  25 Jun 2002 ·  Ghana
Other Citations
[2001-2002] 2 GLR 298

Ratio Decidendi

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financial loss
green suit case
stay of proceedings
criminal code
criminal offence
mr agra
trial judge
fraudulent action
jurisdiction of this court
reasonable information
green suitcase
supreme court
written law
learned trial judge
requirements of article
said particulars
statement of offence
accused person
evidence of the first plaintiff witness
second count
appeal record
appellant raised objection
black stars
constitutional points
court proceedings
definition of the act
definition section of a statute
essential nature
high count
meaning of the word
provisions of section 179a
respect of the second charge
section 179a of act
separate aspects of the case
separate opinions of the members of the panel
shorter oxford english dictionary
start of the trial
such definition
sufficient evidence
various aspects of the case
view of the trial judge


Brobbey JA.

The judgment in this case has been composed by three separate opinions of the members of the panel who heard the case. In substance each of us deals with separate aspects of the case in detail. We have adopted this method in order to avoid repetitions and duplications. Any of us may comment on the other issues as well. Those comments and the detailed considerations should be read together before the full import of the ratio decidendi on each issue will be appreciated.

The various aspects of the case are dealt with as follows: I will discuss in detail the facts giving rise to the charges and the proceedings before us including the issue of Gazette notification for the appeals, as well as the constitutional points raised in respect of the second charge. My brother Baddoo JA will discuss the aspects of the case dealing with the charges in so far that they relate to the submission that at the end of the case for the prosecution, no case was made to support the charges p…

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