(2017) JELR 108639 (HC)    
High Court  ·  SUIT NO. AC 588/2014 ·  9 Jan 2017 ·  Ghana

J U D G M E N T 

On 4th August, 2010 the Plaintiff was referred from Lapaz Community Clinic to the  3rd Defendant Hospital on account of complications arising when she went there to  be delivered of a baby. At the 3rd Defendant Hospital an emergency caesarian section  was done and the Plaintiff was safely delivered of the baby. In the course of the  surgery, the surgical needle broke and a piece of it remained in the Plaintiff’s body.  The Plaintiff was on admission in the Hospital for about three weeks and discharged.  At home Plaintiff claims she developed severe abdominal pains and had to resort to  purchase of drugs to ease the pain. She also alleges several other health complications  which impeded her ability to work and cater for herself and her children.  

In May, 2011, ten (10) months after the surgery she had to be rushed to the Defendant  Hospital after the pains worsened. There Dr. Asumah (D.W.2) had a scan run to  ascertain the course of the severity of the pain. The scan…

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