(2018) JELR 107861 (HC)    
High Court  ·  SUIT NO. 2023/88 ·  3 Dec 2018 ·  Ghana
Core Terms Beta
ghana police service
executive instrument
court of appeal
execution creditor
piece of land
23rd february
execution creditors
mr. theodoro martinez montero
open space
exercise of the powers
odi aa
state lands
supreme military council
1st claimant
attached properties
block of flats
bona fide property of redco limited
case of mr. montero
case of the claimants
city of accra
eastern region of the republic of ghana
high court
interpleader proceedings
jamila zakaria
judgment debtor lies
judgment of a court
late theodoro martinez montero
list of properties
mr. martinez montero
north of the road
personnel of ghana police service
possession of these lands
president of ghana
property belong
provisional national defence council
root of title of the properties
summary of the facts
uncompleted blocks
west of the accra-aburi road

J U D G M E N T 

The issue which I have been called upon to determine in this Interpleader proceedings is  as to whether the block of flats occupied by the Ghana Police Service, the 1st Claimant  herein is the bona fide property of Redco Limited, the Defendant/Judgment/Debtor, for  which the Execution Creditor can lawfully attach in satisfaction of the Judgment debt of  Redco Limited. 

A summary of the facts giving rise to the instant action is that the Execution-Creditors took  out a Writ of Summons against Redco Limited in 1988 and obtained Judgment on the 23rd February, 1993. As a means of enforcing the Judgment, the Execution-Creditors attached  certain properties by a Writ of fi fa. Among the list of properties attached are two blocks  of flats occupied by personnel of Ghana Police Service. The Ghana Police Service filed a  Notice of Claim in respect of these two blocks of flats, culminating in the instant  proceedings.

The case of the Claimants is that in or about 2010, the Ghan…

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