(1967) JELR 63643 (HC)    
High Court  ·  10 Jul 1967 ·  Ghana
Other Citations
[1967] GLR 498
Core Terms Beta
second defendant
first schedule
respect of any alleged neglect
statement of defence
execution of any enactment
execution of any such enactment
liability of the master
public duties
servant of the first defendants
statement of claim
briefing counsel
case of a continuance of damage
continuance of injury
continuing result of a completed act
mandatory functions of a council
material time
mr. akiwumi
omnibus service
second defendants
servant of the first defendant council
vehicle no. gf
bermondsey metropolitan borough
cause of a single act of an accident
first defendant
local government act
lord alverstone c.j.
lord chancellor
lord halsbury
military hospital
mr. j.n. okine
negligent act of the defendants
operations of the organisation of african unity conference
plaintiff claims
preliminary objection
property of the first defendant
result of the negligence
said vehicle
said vehicle of the first defendants
severe injuries
transport service
use of a vehicle
vicarious liability

ANTERKYI J.: In this case, the plaintiff claims by the endorsement on his writ,

“¢36,000.00 (£G15,000) damages against the first and second defendants jointly and severally for injuries, shock, pains, suffering, deformity, loss of earnings, capacity and damages as a result of the negligence of the first and second defendants by causing or permitting the vehicle No. GF 2516 property of the first defendant driven by the second defendant to be involved in an accident thereby causing severe injuries to the plaintiff whereby the plaintiff is now totally disabled and has incurred and suffered loss and damage as detailed in the statement of claim.”

The accident had occurred on or about 6 November 1965, while the second defendant, as a servant of the first defendants, was driving the said vehicle of the first defendants, with the plaintiff aboard it, in the course of his employment.

The writ was filed on 19 January 1967 — about fourteen months and two weekends after the accident. By paragraph (8…

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