(2017) JELR 108652 (HC)    
High Court  ·  SUIT NO. LD/1525/2016 ·  20 Nov 2017 ·  Ghana

J U D G M E N T 

Plaintiff’s case 

It is the plaintiff’s claim that she acquired the land in dispute from the Adern Darpoh  family of Dawhenya acting through its head and lawful representative, Nene Kweku  Darpoh I in the year 2001. She was given the old type indenture in 2004 but she later  requested for the pamphlet type indenture which was given to her on 14th March 2011.  The plaintiff asserts that she commenced work on the land but the 2nd defendant and  his brothers came onto the land to stop her workers from continuing with the work  claiming that it was their father who was farming on the land and as such they should  pay compensation to him. 

The plaintiff brought this development to the notice of their grantor who confirmed  the fact that the 2nd defendant’s father Joe Marnah used to farm on the land and as  such they should compensate him. The plaintiff asserts that she duly paid Joe Marnah  an amount of GH₵600.00 as compensation for which she was issued with a receipt.  She …

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