(2016) JELR 107859 (HC)    
High Court  ·  SUIT NO: AP/34/2015 ·  14 Nov 2016 ·  Ghana
Core Terms Beta
defendant company
nominal damages
amended writ of summons
payment of damages
plaintiff company
plaintiff company’s property
statement of claim
statement of defence
breach of the agreement
business activities
calculation evidence
court defendant
cross examination plaintiff
direct result of defendants conduct
duration of the grant of the documents
following reliefs
ghana breweries ltd
infraction of a legal right
injured party
interlocutory judgment
justice sophia rosetta bernasko essah
letter of approval
loan facility defendant
lord halsbury lc
loss of opportunity
loss of use of plaintiff company
mutual friends
nature of special damages
objection exhibit
opponent fails
plaintiff claim
plaintiff claims
specific amount
text message
use of plaintiff company
use of plaintiffs company property
want of collateral security

J U D G M E N T 

Plaintiffs commenced this suit on the 12th of November 2014 against the  Defendants. By an amended Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim dated the  15th of January 2016 the Plaintiffs sought the following reliefs: 

i. A declaration from the court that the Defendant company has breached  the terms of the agreement for the use of Plaintiffs company property  which Defendant company collected for use as collateral for the loan  facility from NTHC for a period of one (1) year 

ii. An order directed at the Defendant Company to return or yield up  documents to Plaintiff Company’s property it collected for use as  collateral for a loan facility from NTHC the period agreed between the  parties for use of same having long expired. 

iii. Order directed at the Defendant company for the payment of damages for  breach of the agreement for the use of Plaintiff Company’s property as  collateral for a loan facility Defendant collected from NTHC 

iv. Order directed at the Defendant Compan…

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