(2017) JELR 108721 (HC)    
High Court  ·  SUIT NO: E3/04/2011 ·  22 Mar 2017 ·  Ghana

J U D G M E N T  

The Plaintiff is an employee of the Defendant Bank. He has served the  Defendant Bank for over 30 years. In or about 2007, Plaintiff, together with  some other employees of the Defendant Bank working at the Tema Industrial branch, were demoted by their employer, the Defendant Bank for authorizing the payment of some fraudulent cheques drawn on the account of Tema Oil  Refinery (TOR). 

Then, in or about 2010, Plaintiff was again sanctioned, demoted in rank  for authorizing some fraudulent transaction initiated by a junior staff of the  Tema Industrial Branch of the Defendant Bank, one George Fausta Baffoe  which led to the Defendant Bank losing money. 

Dissatisfied of these sanctions, Plaintiff petitioned the Defendant Bank  “for a review” in respect of the two demotions. The response of the Defendant  Bank was that “we advise that the Board has considered the above mentioned matter and is of the view that the decision to demote you to officer  Grade II should stand”.…

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