(2017) JELR 108713 (HC)    
High Court  ·  SUIT NO. AC/740/2015 ·  26 Jul 2017 ·  Ghana

J U D G M E N T 


The plaintiff instituted the present action against the defendants for the following  reliefs: 

i. Payment for all pending certificates issued but not yet paid for.

ii. Payment of interest on all such pending certificates from due date to date of final payment. 

iii. Refund of the interest 2nd defendant wrongfully deducted from plaintiff’s money for the purported loan. 

iv. Special damages for breach of contract. 

v. General damages for breach of contract. 

vi. Payment for the use of all of plaintiff’s equipment on site now being used by 1st defendant on site. 

vii. Interest on the said payment from due date to date of final payment.

viii. Recovery of expected profit of the contract sum as pertains in the industry.

ix. Injunction on defendants from using any of plaintiff’s equipment on the site before plaintiff removes all of its equipment and materials from the site.

x. Order on defendants to grant immediate access to plaintiff to remove all of its equipment …

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