(2015) JELR 107638 (HC)    
High Court  ·  SUIT NO: INDL/64/12 ·  23 Oct 2015 ·  Ghana
Core Terms Beta
disciplinary committee
cross examination
exhibit f
fair trial
car rental
defendant bank
exhibit e
imbursement of the purported cost
alleged claim
civil cases
new abirem branch
obligation of a party
personal car
plaintiff’s claim
sufficient evidence
west african examinations council
auditor’s report
behalf of other persons
breach of the said terms
burden of persuasion defined
case of plaintiff
claim ofghs18,000
date of his dismissal
date of his wrongful dismissal
defendant’s branch manager
disciplinary action policy
disciplinary committee of the bank
financial gain
following reliefs
former employee of defendant
further examination
good reason
maintenance expenses
official car
plaintiff’s salaries
provisions of the evidence decree
q mr aziz
recovery of plaintiffs salaries
regard plaintiff
said amount
terms of allowances
use of such car


Plaintiff was a former employee of Defendant, the latter being a banking  institution operating in Ghana. Plaintiff was Defendant’s branch manager at New  Abirem until his summarily dismissal on 2nd April 2012. Plaintiff contended that he  was compelled to use his personal car in conducting the Defendant’s business as  the New Abirem branch did not have an official car to conduct Defendant’s  businesses and the conditions of service did not specifically prevent the use of  employee’s personal car except the general rule that the use of such car should  be discretionary in response to the day to day requirements of the branch. As a result of the use of his personal car for official duties, Plaintiff asserted that it  became necessary to claim compensation in terms of allowances, repair and  maintenance expenses in respect of his car. It is the case of Plaintiff that he had a  claim ofGHS18,000 or US$5,400 against Defendant arising out of the use of his car  for official duti…

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