(1964) JELR 69850 (HC)    
High Court  ·  22 Oct 1964 ·  Ghana
Other Citations
[1964] GLR 538
Core Terms Beta
matrimonial home
medical evidence
miss doris bannerman
definition of legal cruelty
dissolution of the marriage
ecclesiastical courts
evidence of the petitioner
incompatibility of temperament
nervous breakdown
pieces of evidence
absence of medical evidence of physical injury
absence of the public
answer cross
archer j.
celebration of the marriage
charge of certain broadcast programmes
children of the marriage
constant nagging
cruelty cases
divorce act
general idea
general rule
gist of the petitioner
grounds of the petitioner
kafton v
lack of leave
letter exhibit b
lord davey
lord herschell
piece of evidence
question of cruelty
reasonable apprehension of bodily hurt
respondent of her responsibility
single instance
states of inebriety
true meaning
tucker l.j.
violent acts
whole matrimonial relations
woman of uncontrollable temper

ARCHER J.: The petitioner seeks dissolution of the marriage between himself and the respondent on the ground that the respondent has since the celebration of the marriage treated the petitioner with cruelty and although it is not expressly stated in the petition, it seems that paragraph eleven of the petition suggests constructive desertion by the respondent. The respondent in her amended answer cross-petitioned for the dissolution of the marriage on the grounds of the petitioner’s cruelty, desertion and adultery.

The parties were married on 15 April 1948 and co-habited at Christiansborg and Kaneshie at Accra until their separation. There are two children of the marriage aged sixteen years and fourteen years respectively. The gist of the petitioner’s case is that since their marriage they have not had even two months peace in the matrimonial home. In 1955, the respondent assaulted him with a stick and his face was bruised. From January to June 1958 the wife would not perform house wife…

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