(2017) JELR 108648 (HC)    
High Court  ·  FAL/867/2012 ·  2 Jun 2017 ·  Ghana

J U D G M E N T 

Plaintiffs’ case 

The plaintiffs are a couple who are ordinarily resident in Nottingham, United  Kingdom and they instituted this action per their lawful attorney Caphel Dorgbefu. It  is the plaintiff’s case that sometime in the year 2007 they had the desire of owning a  land at Adenta/Frafraha. They were shown the land in dispute and they were  introduced to the chief of Frafraha Nii Kommey Mensah Larsey as the owner of the  land. They went to the chief who informed them that the land in question belonged to  the State Housing Company Limited and that the State Housing Company Limited  will be the best entity to grant the land to the plaintiffs. 

The plaintiffs aver that they then went to the State Housing Company Limited and it  was confirmed that the land in dispute was part of lands measuring 2.068.99 acres that  were compulsorily acquired by the government on 27th May 1992 through EI 15 of  1992 captioned State Lands (Accra-Adentan Site for Ghana Housing Corporat…

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